Mission Statement

At Futura, we believe that education is much more than a syllabus and the development of the individual as a whole is vital. Thus, we encourage our learners to become involved in a variety of activities which encourages students to participate in the learning process. Our Life Development Programme and extensive extracurricular program helps learners to widen their horizons which allow them to develop beyond traditional expectations.


Our Mission is to achieve credible results by providing a quality education to our learners, empowering them in the classroom and beyond.

Our Vision is to strive for excellence while providing a safe and inspiring learning environment.

Our Aim is to send educated young men and women out into the world with confidence and with the ability to achieve their full potential.

By concentrating on our core values of discipline, loyalty, pride, honesty, commitment, responsibility, tolerance and teamwork we can develop learners who will leave Futura believing that their future indeed “starts now”.

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