Futura High School was established as a co-educational, ‘finishing’ school in 1993 in central Durban. We were registered under the then DET (Department of Education and Training) and offered standard ten pupils the opportunity to repeat one or more subjects that they had failed. We initially had just over 60 students.

During the course of 1993, we saw a demand within the disadvantaged communities for quality education at an affordable price. This demand was particularly high for matric repeaters, especially those from township and rural areas, who had failed standard ten dismally.

In 1994, we moved to our current premises and offered all the standards from 6 through to 10. As we had responded to the needs of the greater Durban community, we saw a huge increase in registration to just over 750 students. We even had a waiting list of over 200 additional students who were hopeful in obtaining a place to attend school.

Futura (as well as South Africa) had an extremely eventful start to 1994 as our current school building was in a state of disrepair moved in (no working toilets, no doors, missing walls, no chalkboards etc) and we had just over 4 weeks to ensure that we had habitable classrooms and a desk and chair for each student.

Our current enrolment is 330 learners. We have 14 educators supported by our Principal Rathen Govender, 4 administration staff, 2 cleaners and 2 security guards. Following the departure in 1995 by Mr Owen who left to start his own tour company Dr Donald Craig was appointed headmaster and he enjoyed a long and successful tenure characterised by high pass rates and a strong focus on career subjects. With the departure of Dr Craig to a senior university position in Holland the schools dedicated math's teacher, Chris Fourie, stepped in at a difficult time while the education department was implementing the new outcomes based education syllabus.

Mr Roger Owen

Mr Roger Owen - Principal

Futura aims to produce learners with a sound education and an aspiration to learn. We believe that self-respect, esteem and confidence will enable them with a sense of pride, in their achievements. Much focus is placed on obtaining results and this is of particular importance considering our large number of repeaters.

Despite our difficult start in 1994, in less than ideal circumstances, we have grown in the 27 years of our existence to a school that has been at the forefront of many changes. We were one of the very first schools to offer Travel and Tourism as well as Hospitality Studies in our curriculum package. We have also kept abreast of all the new regulations (and the ever increasing burden of paperwork for our administration and educators) and yet still offer our community quality education. Located in Durban, a major coastal port, the school has recently introduced the Futura School of Marine Sciences with Maritime Economics and Nautical Science subjects taught to our learners.

We are proud of the fact that more than 8000 students have passed standard 10/grade 12 with us over the last 27 years! At least half of these students had previously failed at other schools. We offered these students (who are largely ignored by our Education Department), a second chance at obtaining their matric certificate. We enabled them to continue with their studies and become productive members of society.


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