At Futura clubs are integral to the school’s vision and part of the educational process to inspire learners.

Oceanography Club providing a forum for students to discuss, debate, socialize, and perform community service relating to the ocean and marine science. Activities include visiting Ushaka Marine World, the Sharks Board and maintaining a marine fish tank at Futura.
UShaka Marine World

Maths Club inculcates a love of mathematics by playing games and fun maths activities which help
prepare for entry to the countries annual Maths Olympiad.


Sailing Club teaches students to sail, skipper a boat and includes yacht club membership. This is especially beneficial to learners considering a career in the marine sciences.

Space and Astronomy Club observes the celestial objects such as planets, stars, comets, meteors, nebulae, and galaxies as well as keeping up to date on the latest in aerospace advances.

JSE Investment Challenge Club
aims to teach South Africans of all ages about investing on the
Johannesburg Stock Exchange. The challenge helps students to learn about investing and tests their trading skills through a simulated trading programme.


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