Grade 10 and 11 Remote Classes

    Classes are taught by Futura teachers and there is a structured timetable in place with set class times for each subject.
    At the beginning of each lesson the class teacher will send you the day’s set work. This may be in the form of documents, notes, pictures or audio recordings.
    A laptop is not essential and students may use a phone or tablet with WhatsApp. 
    If you don’t already have the grade set books they must be purchased as well. 
    Remote learners only need to physically attend practicals and exams at Futura under strict social distancing protocols ensuring a low risk of infection.
    The program is not a traditional homeschooling model, where parents need to take on the responsibility of teaching and continuous supervision as the timetable includes teachers initiating each class and guiding learners through daily, pre-set material online. 
    Learners can ask teachers for help during lessons and parents receive detailed feedback on their progress.
    Successful learners receive a SASAMS (government recognized) school report at year end and can continue with remote learning into 2021 or transfer to another school either private or government.
    Futura is accredited by UMALUSI and registered with the KZN Department of Education. 
    The program is carefully constructed to minimize data usage and data costs should not exceed R 200 pm for 2GB. 
    Supplemental videos (not required to complete the syllabus) may be downloaded from the school web site or alternatively a drive through data service will be available where you can download from the school server for free without exiting your car.
    Futura lessons are in an English-medium.
    The school fees are R 2000 (registration fee) and R 1100 per month x 5 months (July to November).
    Debit order is R 2000 (registration fee) and R 1050 pm x 5 months.
    Cash for the year is R 6900 (including registration fee).
    The latest ORIGINAL school report from your previous grade.
    Your term 1 report if you received it.
    Copy of the student’s ID Book.
    ID copy of the person paying the school fees. (not required for full cash payments)
    The application for registration form can be completed on your cell phone.
    You will take photos of the above documents and upload them on the registration portal at:
    Once we have received and approved your documents and registration form we will send you our banking details to pay your R 2000 registration fee.
    Remote learning classes will begin soon thereafter.
    You will be required to produce the original school reports before you write your first exams at Futura.

    The following subjects are available :

    Home Language : Zulu, English or Xhosa
    Additional Language : English, Zulu or Afrikaans
    Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy
    Life Science, Physical Science, Business Studies, Geography, History and Tourism Studies



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