Grade 10 Subjects

All grade 10 learners will select a minimum of 7 subjects:

  • English Home
  • Zulu Additional
  • Mathematics
  • Life Science
  • Physical Science
  • Maritime Economics
  • Life Orientation

  • Nautical Science (Optional for learners who want a career at sea. Taken as an 8th subject after school 14H15 to 15H00)
    For Nautical Science classes an additional fee of R 100 pm applies.

    Students who wish to pursue a career in the Marine Sciences may learn to skipper a boat. An additional fee of R 100 pm will apply which includes yacht club membership and sailing lessons.

Grade 10 learners who achieve below a 40% pass rate for Mathematics in grade 10 are required to change to Mathematical Literacy in grade 11.
(Note you may not take Physical Science without Mathematics therefore you will also be required to change Physical Science to Business Studies).

Grade 10 learners who achieve below a 40% pass rate in Physical Science are required to take Business studies in grade 11.

Futura High School has chosen grade 10 subjects which offer the learner the best chance at obtaining a University Exemption.

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